Intercepting Heart Failure

At HeartKinetics, we aim to revolutionize the management of Heart Failure with our AI-based technology, by providing healthcare professionals with innovative tools addressing the unmet need for faster and easier diagnostic and monitoring of heart failure and cardiotoxicity.


A unique system based on 9+ AI’s for a full cardiac assessment.

HeartKinetics develops a game-changing innovation for Heart Failure (HF) and heart rhythm disorders detection, combining the collection of mechanical (KCG) and electrical (ECG) signals.
  • Unique AI know-how to detect heart failure and arrhythmias
  • Clinical trials confirm the performance
  • Non-invasive and highly scalable screening and monitoring solution 
for professionals
  • 1-minute measurement with 6 vital signs for remote cardiac assessment
about heartkinetics

About the company Born from space

Created in 2019, HeartKinetics began in the space research field thanks to technology for monitoring the heart function of astronauts during their stay in space.

HeartKinetics became a company active in medtech, specializing in medical solutions and dedicated to the remote detection and monitoring of patients with heart failure in many areas.