About us

HeartKinetics is specialized in artificial intelligence solutions for fast and accurate detection of heart failure and cardio-toxicity. HeartKinetics was born from the support of space agencies, developing solutions easy to operate for the self monitoring of cardiac function by astronauts. HeartKinetics now aims to revolutionize the management of heart failure, the leading cause of death worldwide with nearly 65 million cases recorded.

HeartKinetics vision


Every patient everywhere should be given fast access to care; this is allowed by extreme simplicity, ease of use, and empowerment by artificial intelligence.

Heart failure is a silent and costly disease

In addition, cancer patients also need specific follow-up.
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HeartKinetics mission


By using the power of Artificial Intelligence, HeartKinetics offers an easy solution, fully integrated with the ultimate goal of detecting, monitoring, and predicting the impairment of the cardiac function leading to heart failure, to improve patient care.

Supported by some of the world's most renowned cardiology and heart failure experts

A top notch international Clinical Steering Committee

  • heartkinetics_stefan anker
    Prof. Stefan Anker President of HK Steering Committee, CHF and Cachexia International Expert, Charité Hospital, Berlin, GE
  • heartkinetics_zieroth
    Prof. Shelley Zieroth President of the Canadian HF Association, Toronto, CA
  • Prof. Stéphane Carlier Prof. of Cardiology, CHU Ambroise Paré, Mons, BE
  • heartkinetics_savarese
    Prof. Gianluigi Savarese Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, SW
  • heartkinetics_verbrugge
    Prof. Frederik Verbrugge HF Cardiologist, Dir. Dyspnea Clinic, UZ Brussels, BE


  • P-F. Migeotte MSc. PhD. Inventor CEO & CScO-founder
  • D. Gorlier IT and biomedical engineer with +10 years of experience in software & data engineering Co-founder & IT manager
  • A. Hossein An engineer with a Ph.D. in cardiac data analysis Co-founder & R&D Manager

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