A unique AI-based system, combining the collection of mechanical (KCG) and electrical (ECG) signals for a full cardiac assessment.


KINO technology provides a fully integrated patient-centered solution where actionable cardio-haemodynamic and electrical activation data are processed by Artificial Intelligence to detect heart failure and major cardiac arrhythmias all being indicators of cardiotoxicity.

  • Unique AI know-how to predict heart failure and arrhythmias
  • Clinically proven performance
  • Non-invasive and highly scalable screening and monitoring solutions
for professionals
  • 1-minute measurement with 6 vital signs for remote cardiac assessment

Patented digital aid to detect and monitor heart failure and cardiotoxicity.

KINO.cardio relies on exclusive AI technology combining mechanical signals obtained with motion sensors, and electrical signals from a 1-lead ECG.

  • Strength and energy of your heart
  • Distribution of energy
  • Breathing rate
  • Ejection function
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability

How it works

  • Place the KINO sensor on the chest using conventional ECG patch electrodes
  • Connect the KINO smartphone app to the KINO sensor (Bluetooth)
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the smartphone app Data collection takes 1 minute, cloud computing about 3 minute, for a total time of less than 5 minutes !
  • As soon as the data has been recorded, physicians or healthcare specialists will have access to all patient information in the professional platform to make an appropriate diagnosis.

Hear from peers

  • Prof. Stefan Anker

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