HeartKinetics raises €3 million for its mobile heart monitoring application

25 January 2022 | News
HeartKinetics raises €3 million for its mobile heart monitoring application

Press release

HeartKinetics raises €3 million for its “Shazam of cardiology”

HeartKinetics is a spin-off of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, based in Charleroi, that aims to revolutionise the management of heart disease. In June 2017, the company won the European Heart Rhythm Association Inventor award for its Kino-Cardiograph.Investors include Sambrinvest, BeAngels, Plug and Play in the United States, and the Walloon Region.

The application uses smartphone motion sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to measure the micro-vibrations of cardiac activity.

Julien Stocq, Managing Director of ULB Dev told

“Seen in the context of the current health crisis, this fundraising campaign also demonstrates growing investor interest in digital health and medtech, where we can see some excellent opportunities for our Belgian ecosystem to promote the technologies stemming from multidisciplinary university research medicine, engineering, and IT.”


The company is aiming for a market launch in the course of 2023. Its initial target is Europe, but in the future, the mobile application could be rolled out in the United States, the Middle East, and Asia, where heart failure is a major problem.That year will also be strategic in terms of building partnerships with pharmaceutical platforms and companies.